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My ongoing series for Through The Shattered Lens continues —

Through the Shattered Lens


It occurs to me that before we delve into the “meat,” so to speak, of our story any further, I should take a brief step back and say explain what I have in mind for Catwoman , at least conceptually, in our little hypothetical series, and since my last post ended with her on-screen introduction, and I’ve mentioned a time or eight that she will be playing a major part in the Batman III, and III trilogy, now is probably as good a time as any to give folks an idea of what I view the “ideal” Catwoman for this series to be like.

Which doesn’t mean I’m going to drop names as to who should be playing her. Sorry. Casting ideas are waaaaayyyy down the road a piece, after our plot is all laid out, so we’re not going anywhere near all that — yet…

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