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More of my continuing series for Through The Shattered Lens — if you haven’t been following the previous 12 posts, this one’s a pretty good jumping-on point.

Through the Shattered Lens


By most, if not all. accounts, Neal Adams is one of the most significant artists to ever draw the Caped Crusader — some might even argue the most significant. You’d never guess as much, though, if you were unfamiliar with Adams’ previous work and  all you ever saw of his art was the picture of a rather deranged-looking Bruce Wayne reproduced above.  To be fair, though, said panel is from the pages of Batman : Odyssey, truly one of the most flabbergasting superhero comics I’ve ever laid eyes on, and which DC will be collecting in hardcover format just a few short days from now (assuming they stick to their publishing schedule, which is sometimes a rather iffy proposition).

When word first got out that Adams was returning to Batman, reaction in the fan community was ecstatic — when the first issue of the series itself came out…

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