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My never-ending Batman series continues at Through The Shattered Lens —

Through the Shattered Lens

The man you see pictured above is one Carmine Falcone, (former, as far as current Bat-continuity goes) crime boss of Gotham City. You may remember him from Batman Begins, of course, where he was played by Tom Wilkinson — a curious choice being that Mr. Wilkinson neither looks nor sounds especially Italian, but whatever.

He’s also largely immaterial to this post given that we’ve already established that the Harvey Dent/Jim Gordon/”Bat-Vigilante” trifecta has already locked him away at the start of our hypothetical Batman I  movie, but the slack left in the absence of him and the other incarcerated Crime Lords has been picked up, to an extent, in our imaginary flick by one Vincent Lucchesi, a name I dropped earlier but that we now will be meeting in earnest for the first time in a scene that, I freely admit, is heavily influenced by Nolan’s first Bat-flick.


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