Has The World Finally Run Out Of Interesting People?

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, no (although it certainly seems that way sometimes!), but the fine website “Comic Book And Movie Reviews” chose, for whatever reason, to interview me — rather than numerous other far worthier subjects — anyway. Here’s the link for your edification and/or amusement : http://www.comicbookandmoviereviews.com/2012/10/trash-film-guru-mixing-it-up-blog-style.html#axzz2ARhR7YVL

Jay, who runs the site, is a good guy and a darn fine internet scribe in his own right, so do yourself a favor if you follow the link and “choose to peruse,” as they say, the entire contents of his burgeoning cyber-enterprise, you’ll certainly be glad you did! Other than that, all I can say is that never having been “interviewed,” per se, before, I hope I don’t come off as too big a dweeb, douchebag, or some even-less-tolerable combination of the two. It was fun to answer Jay’s questions, even if some of them made no sense to me at the time (and still sorta don’t, but hey, it’s his show, not mine!), and it gave the opportunity to sit down and think about things on a really concrete and reductive level in a way that I haven’t done for some time. When somebody asks you a question like “what are your five favorite movies?,” or “what are your five favorite comics?,” you really do have to stop and think about it for a good few minutes — at least, if you’ve seen as many films and/or read as many comics as I have (and I’m sure this distinction applies to most of you, my dear readers, as well) you need to. So the experience was interesting, new, and it made me sit back and think for a bit, so I must say, thanks again Jay, and to any and all of you reading this, once more, please give his very high-quality site a look-see — you’ll thank me for it later, I promise!

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