“Larry, June, And The Year Of The Cat” — A Screenplay, Part Thirteen

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All contents trademarked TM  and copyrighted (c)  by Ryan Carey, 2013. That means if you want to reproduce or use this material for any reason,  you have to ask me real nice.



LARRY enters the retail area on the first floor of JUNE’s home/studio through the front door. JUNE is standing, arranging some of her wares on one of the display tables, and has her back turned to him.

JUNE : Hey, Mr. fashionably late, you’re early.

LARRY nervously glances at his watch yet again.

LARRY : Not too early, I hope. 4:52 by my watch.

LARRY pauses, considering fora moment before resuming speaking.

LARRY : Anyway, howd’ja know it was me?

JUNE : Your clothes smell like smoke. And nobody else is careful with the door like that.

JUNE turns to face LARRY, who is sheepishly running his hand through his hair.

LARRY : One of thee days I really am gonna quit.

JUNE walks towards her desk/cash register area.

JUNE : Which? Smoking, or closing doors like some cat burglar?

LARRY : How about both?

JUNE opens up her cash drawer and takes out a twenty dollar bill while continuing to converse.

JUNE : Suit yourself. For the record, I never asked you to do either.

LARRY : Duly noted. So — good day for ya?

JUNE : Good enough to keep First Trust Mortgage off my ass for another month. Made seven sales.

LARRY : Sounds pretty good to me.

JUNE : Good enough to live on, not good enough to drink off (pauses) — much.

LARRY : Well, heck — I just hope yer good an’ hungry.

JUNE places the twenty inside a small billfold, then drops the billfold into her purse.

JUNE : Famished. You?

LARRY : The same. Haven’t eaten all day.

JUNE : I had time to swipe one of yesterday’s scones from Vera before I came over and opened up.

JUNE steps out from behind the register and walks towards LARRY, who is holding out the flowers toward her.

LARRY : These are for you.

JUNE takes the flowers from his hand with a slight smile.

JUNE : Had to settle for the grocery store?

LARRY : Florist’s wasn’t open.

JUNE : Well, I’ll just say I appreciate ’em instead of something more smart-assed.

JUNE moves behind her desk again and begins arranging the flowers in one of her empty vases.

LARRY : That’s it? (pauses) To eat, I mean?

JUNE : That’s it. Sounds like it’s more than you had.

LARRY : Yeah, wanted to save my appetite.

JUNE : Not your pennies?

LARRY ( somewhat nervously) : Well, sure — those too.

JUNE finishes arranging the flowers, steps out from behind the desk and locks her arm in his, in a manner clearly more playful than romantic.

JUNE : Relax, slugger. I’m a cheap date.

LARRY : Don’t worry about that, I just —

JUNE interrupts him mid-sentence.

JUNE : I wasn’t. And I’m actually not. In that order.

LARRY (pausing a moment to work out what she just told him) : So — you weren’t worried, and you’re not a cheap date.

LARRY and JUNE walk arm in arm toward the door.

JUNE : I lied. I do that sometimes, remember? (pauses)  Actually, I dunno if I’m a cheap date or not. Depends on how pricey the place you’re taking me to is.

LARRY : I liked the looks of that new-ish looking place kinda down by the river.

JUNE : You think of that on your own? I’m impressed.

LARRY : Well, it came recommended. But I saw it walkin’ around today and gave it a mental thumbs-up.

JUNE : You must’a been talking to Bert.

LARRY : Guilty as charged. I didn’t pry him for any info on ya or anything, though.

JUNE : Please. Of course you did. He just wouldn’t tell you much.

LARRY again runs his hand nervously through his hair.

JUNE : Actually, though,  that place is kinda perfect. We don’t even have to drive. We can catch the walking trail right down the hill from my back yard an’ hoof it the whole — I dunno, six blocks there.

LARRY : You got a view of the river from the your backyard?

JUNE : Sure do. ‘Member, it’s where I told you I always see Mr. Cat-In-The-Hat, or Year of the Cat — or whatever he is — walking.

JUNE unlocks her arm from LARRY’s, turns around, and proceeds to head toward the back door of her house instead, LARRY following a half-step behind her lead.

LARRY : Actually, I think it’s Frank. If I remember right.

JUNE : Oh yeah, I forgot — he’s got a name, too.



LARRY and JUNE are walking side-by-side, not holding hands, but in fairly close proximity to one another. LARRY has his hands in his pockets slightly, while JUNE’s arms hang at her side freely.  They are conversing as they walk and we join them in what is obviously mid-conversation.

LARRY : —so yeah, I think I musta been pretty close to the back of your house without knowin’ it ‘cuz this all looks familiar.

JUNE : No offense, but sounds like you had kind of a dull day.

LARRY : It’s only dull if you’ve seen all this stuff before. Which, needless to say, I haven’t.

JUNE : Never seen a river? Seems pretty unlikely, even for a city boy. (pauses, grinning, obviously not serious) Oh, wait — it’s lakes you guys have up there, right? 10,00 of ’em or something?

LARRY : Enh — who’s counting? Anyway, never seen this river. Or at least this part of it. (pauses) But now I have. (pauses again, grinning) Many, many times in fact.

JUNE nudges his side slightly with her arm.

JUNE : Admit it — you were bored outta your mind.

LARRY : Only sometimes. When I wasn’t to busy being nervous.

JUNE lets out a less-than-demure laugh, clearly amused at this statement, and nudges her arm playfully into his side.

JUNE : Larry, dear, not sure how to break this to you, but —

LARRY interrupts her in mid-sentence.

LARRY : I know, I know — I’m always nervous. What can I say? It’s a way of life.

JUNE : Well, it’s a way of life you can keep. Still — if you actually, consciously noticed how nervous you were today —

LARRY interrupts her in mid-sentence again.

LARRY (somewhat sheepishly) : It means I was extra nervous?

JUNE : Hell — maybe even extra, extra nervous.

LARRY : S’pose there’s not much point in denyin’ that.

JUNE stops walking, and LARRY does likewise. JUNE turns to face him, looking directly into his eyes.

JUNE : Well, cut it the fuck out, will ya? In case you hadn’t noticed, I do actually like you (pauses) — in spite of yourself. And my better judgment.

There is a brief pause before JUNE resumes walking, LARRY now a half-step behind her.

LARRY : I’ll definitely see what I can do.

JUNE : That’s all I ask.

JUNE turns to face LARRY as she waits for a brief instant for his pace to catch up with hers.

JUNE CON’T : For now, at least.

LARRY is right next to JUNE now and they resume walking.

LARRY : Ooohh, “for now” she says! Don’t go gettin’ my hopes up or anything.

JUNE : You don’t do smart-ass real well.

LARRY (in a mock-sigh) : One more thing to add to the list.

JUNE : No, I’m serious. It’s not your thing. That’s good.

LARRY : Well, I haven’t had anyone to be a smart-ass to in awhile, so —

JUNE interrupts him mid-sentence

JUNE : We can save the life story thing for over dinner. Just (pausing) — take it as a compliment. If I wanted to have dinner with a smart-ass who thinks he can finish all my sentences for me, there’s plenty of guys around here I could be eating with tonight.

LARRY : Fair enough.

JUNE points up the slight embankment to the restaurant; they have arrived at their destination.

JUNE (pointing as she speaks) : We’re here.

LARRY : Good deal.

LARRY and JUNE begin ascending the steps up to the restaurant, LARRY following a step behind JUNE, as is becoming an unconscious custom to him.

JUNE : A friend of mine actually works here, been meaning to stop by for ages. Dunno if she’s on tonight.

LARRY : Well, guess we’re about to find out.

JUNE : Guess we are.

LARRY and JUNE reach the top of the stairs and make their way a few steps over to the restaurant. JUNE approaches the door first and opens it, LARRY following immediately in her wake.


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