“Larry, June, And The Year Of The Cat” — A Screenplay, Part Eighteen

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Entire contents trademarked TM  and copyrighted (c)  by Ryan Carey, 2013. That means if you want to reproduce or use this material for any reason, you have to ask me real nice.



LARRY, shabbily dressed and obviously not yet showered, is sitting in a chair on JUNE’s porch having his first cigarette of the day. He realizes he doesn’t have an ashtray and quickly scans the porch, spying a discarded soda can on a table. He crosses the porch to make his over to it and pick it up. As he grabs the can, JUNE approaches the the porch from inside. She addresses LARRY through the open door as he picks up the can.

JUNE : Thanks for not using one of my coffee mugs.

LARRY : Sure.

JUNE steps out onto the porch.

JUNE : You can do that inside if ya want. I’ve already got cancer, remember?

LARRY moves over to the edge of the porch, soda can in hand.

LARRY : Enhh — why make it worse?

They both pause, spending a moment in silence.

JUNE : So — Monday morning. The buses and tourists are gone.

LARRY : I thought you never paid attention to the lyrics.

JUNE : I lied. I do that sometimes, remember?

LARRY grins slightly before speaking.

LARRY : I hadn’t noticed.

LARRY pauses to take a long drag off his cigarette and exhales before resuming speaking.

LARRY CON’T : Guess you probably know the last verse then, too.

JUNE begins walking across the porch toward LARRY.

JUNE : Yeah. (pauses) What time you gotta be back in the Cities?

LARRY : Told Joe I’d have his stuff back to him by 10:00.

JUNE stands next to LARRY on the edge of her porch. Both are facing the walking path down by the river which is clearly in view in the middle distance.

JUNE : Gonna have to get a move on soon, then.

LARRY takes a drag off his cigarette and exhales.

LARRY : He won’t kill me if I’m a little late. (pauses ) Listen —

JUNE cuts him off mid-sentence.

LARRY : Not yet. You listen first. Thanks for sticking around.

LARRY : Sure.

LARRY and JUNE, both still facing the river, notice FRANK, that “cat in the hat” guy from the karaoke bar the other night, walking along the path. LARRY gives him an awkward but friendly wave, and FRANK returns the gesture before continuing on his way.

JUNE : He’s never done that before.

LARRY : Maybe you never waved first.

JUNE turns to look at LARRY.

JUNE : Huh — maybe not.

LARRY puts his cigarette out in the soda can, sets it aside on a nearby table, and turns to face JUNE.

LARRY : So I was thinkin ‘ — what’s time’s your chemo?

JUNE : 2:00. (pauses) In River Falls.

LARRY : How ’bout we give your sister the day off? You take a little road trip inta Minneapolis with me an’ then we’ll high tail it to River Falls.

JUNE pauses, considering, clearly not expecting the offer.

JUNE : Do I have time to make coffee before we go?

LARRY : Sure, why not? I can catch a shower while you get yourself together.

JUNE begins walking towards the open door to go back inside her house, speaking to LARRY with her back turned to him.

JUNE : Fair enough, then.

LARRY (grinning) : Hey, that’s my line!

After JUNE is out of sight, LARRY leans against the porch railing, tapping his fingers on it in a little rhythm, and begins singing quietly to himself.

LARRY (singing) CON’T : But the drumbeat strains of the night remain, in the rhythm of the newborn day. You know sometime you’re bound to leave her —

LARRY pauses mid-sentence, and stops tapping his fingers against the railing, as well. He turns around, faces the river again, and resumes tapping his fingers and singing quietly to himself, the camera slowly pulling away from the scene.

LARRY (singing) CON’T : But for now you’re gonna stay — in the year of the cat.

ROLL CREDITS , basic black-and white titles than run down the screen with no music, just the sounds of the morning — birdsong, the running river, an occasional car or two in the distance — for accompaniment.

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