“Larry, June, And The Year Of The Cat” — A Screenplay, Part Seventeen

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Entire contents trademarkedTM and copyrighted (c)  by Ryan Carey, 2013. That means if you want to reproduce or use this material for any reason, you have to ask me real nice.



A few minutes have obviously passed, and LARRY and JUNE are making out, somewhat clumsily, on JUNE’s bed, with the lights out. There’s plenty of “heavy petting” going on, but it’s somewhat tentative and awkward as both of them are obviously well out of practice. They’re eager and excited, but anxious at the same time. Each time LARRY tries to move his hand up to run his fingers through JUNE’s hair, she gently guides his hand back down. After a couple of attempts she distracts him by moving her hands down to undo his belt, and after he tries one more time after that, she pulls away, briefly, for a moment to reach into her purse, which is seated on a nightstand beside the bed.

JUNE (fumbling through the contents of her purse) : Wait, wait — just a second.

JUNE hands LARRY a condom. LARRY looks at it with mild surprise.

LARRY : No kidding?

JUNE : No kidding. Old habits.

LARRY pulls his pants down a bit lower.

LARRY : Okay, just let me —

JUNE cuts him off mid-sentence.

JUNE : Tell ya what, you deal with that and I’ll be back in a second.

LARRY : Fair enough.

LARRY watches JUNE step out of the room and hears her footsteps going down the hallway.



It’s a few moments later and JUNE re-enters her bedroom, wearing a rather standard-looking nightgown. LARRY has the lower half of his body covered with a bedsheet. There is a thin beam of light coming in from the hallway, but otherwise the room is still dark. JUNE speaks as she walks through the doorway.

JUNE : Sorry, just had to get changed quick. Did you have any trouble with —

LARRY  cuts her off mid-sentence.

LARRY : No, no — everything’s fine.

JUNE approaches the bed again and LARRY leans up to kiss her. Their lips lock for a moment, and then JUNE slides over to position herself atop LARRY, pulling the bedsheet aside as she does so.

LARRY : God, I —

JUNE finishes getting on top of LARRY.

JUNE (putting her finger to her mouth in a shushing motion) : Shhh — just —- shhh.

JUNE begins moving up and down atop LARRY for a few moments, her eyes closed, and slowly picks up her rhythm. LARRY is watching her, eyes wide open, and notices a wig on her head nudge out of position slowly. After a few more moments, it slides down completely off the side of her head.

JUNE(exasperatedly) : Fuck! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUNE immediately removes herself from LARRY, picks up the wig from the bed, and rather quickly walks down the hall. LARRY, in disbelief, gets up and grabs for his boxer shorts.



It’s a brief moment later and LARRY is standing, pulling on his t-shirt over his head. He pauses for a moment and decides to put his pants back on over his boxers, as well. He turns to leave the room after dressing, stops in the doorway, pauses and sighs, and walks down the hall.



JUNE is sitting in her bathroom with the lights off. She is seated on the toilet, with the lid closed, holding her wig in her hand, crying quietly. LARRY slowly approaches the open bathroom door and eventually stops in the doorway. He watches her in silence for a minute before speaking.

LARRY : If you want, I can just —

JUNE looks up at him, tears streaking her makeup.

JUNE : You can just what? Get going? That was the plan, wasn’t it?

LARRY : I hadn’t thought that  far a—

JUNE cuts him off mid-sentence.

JUNE : Not for you, dipshit. For me! (pauses) Here’s a guy from out of town, doesn’t know what’s going on — hell, I wasn’t even too sure about it ’till you said you pretty much always cut and run. So here’s my chance, I figured. I mean — talk about no strings, right?

JUNE clutches her wig tightly in her hand, shaking it.

JUNE CON”T : I had this fucking thing glued on, do you understand? GLUED ON !!!!!!

JUNE drops the wig to the floor.

JUNE CON’T : Never tried it before, usually it’s just throw in on n’ go. Musta done something wrong.

LARRY looks down at the floor.

JUNE (now looking over at LARRY and speaking with an air of profound resignation) CON’T : Look. You can stay or you can go. I’m gonna get my shit together and head down to the kitchen in a little bit. If you’re there, you’re there. If you’re not, don’t worry about it. I won’t hate you forever or whatever you’re thinking. You’ll just be gone. Your ledger’s clean with me.

LARRY looks up from the floor and at JUNE.

LARRY : Fair enough.

LARRY turns and slowly walks down the hall. JUNE gets up slowly and looks at herself in the bathroom mirror.



It’s some time later, and JUNE slowly enters the kitchen, wearing a robe, her bald head uncovered. She finds LARRY seated at the kitchen table with two glasses of ice water positioned on it, one in front of him, one at the empty seat next to him. JUNE nods toward the ice water.

JUNE : Thanks, but I’ll make some tea.

JUNE continues on toward her kitchen cabinets and opens one, her back turned to LARRY, who moves around in his chair to face JUNE as she goes about her work.

JUNE (reaching for tea bags from cabinet) : So — say what you’re thinking.

LARRY pauses for a long moment, completely unsure how to proceed.

LARRY : I dunno. Guess you weren’t lying after all.

JUNE turns to face LARRY for a moment.

JUNE : Come again?

LARRY takes a sip of water.

LARRY : First thing you told me was that you had cancer.

JUNE : No, I told you I was kidding.

LARRY : Well — you told me the truth first. Maybe you’re an honest person after all.

JUNE turns her back again, closing the cabinet door.

JUNE (somewhat exasperated) : Christ — we’re not gonna have that conversation again, are we?

LARRY : No. (pauses) Sorry.

JUNE pours water into a tea kettle from her sink.

JUNE : It’s stage two colorectal, in case you were wondering. Been in chemo six months.

LARRY : Glad they caught it before it spread.

JUNE sets the kettle on her stove and turns on a burner.

JUNE : Guess I am too. Most days.

JUNE takes a seat next to LARRY while she waits for the water to boil.

LARRY : Meaning?

JUNE : Keep smoking and you’ll find out.

There is a long period of silence at the table before JUNE resumes speaking.

JUNE : Sorry. It’s just — some days I wish it was too late to do anything about it, so I wouldn’t have to be going through this shit.

JUNE open the box of tea bags and places one in a mug at the table.

LARRY : Not for me to judge, but I wish you wouldn’t talk —

JUNE, fiddling with the tea bag in the empty mug, cuts him off mid-sentence.

JUNE : Look, I know you’re trying to be a nice guy or whatever —

LARRY cuts her off mid-sentence,

LARRY : But please shut the fuck up.

JUNE looks up from the mug to LARRY .

JUNE : Told you I hated guys who think they can finish my sentences, but yeah — please shut the fuck up.

JUNE looks at  her empty mug again and resumes fiddling with the tea bag.

LARRY : You seem to have decent amount of energy.

JUNE : That your way of saying “I never thought about anyone going through chemo being horny?”

LARRY : More just a general observation, but yeah — I never thought about anyone going through chemo being horny.

JUNE looks up from her mug at LARRY again.

JUNE : It happens. (pauses) Not too frequently, mind you. In fact, I hadn’t felt like sex at all since I started, but the last  — I dunno, week or so it’s kinda hit me again.

LARRY takes a sip of water.

LARRY : Maybe that’s a good sign?

JUNE : I dunno. Got my next session tomorrow, find out anything new then.

LARRY : Well, I’ll be keepin’ my fingers crossed for ya. How do you get to an’ from without a car?

JUNE : My sister Alice. Bert’s wife.

LARRY : No shit, Bert’s your —

JUNE cuts him off mid-sentence.

JUNE : Yup.

LARRY : Explains a few things. He really watches out for you. (pauses) Apart from serving you booze.

JUNE : I’m lucky. I can still drink with the drugs I’m on. (pauses, smiling) In moderation, of course.

LARRY : Still workin’ on that part, huh?

JUNE : Obviously.

The tea kettle begins to whistle and JUNE gets up, taking her mug with her, and walks over to the stove.

LARRY : Sorry. Guess I was a bad influence this weekend.

JUNE : Give yourself a break, you didn’t know.

LARRY : How long are you gonna be able to keep your whole shop here runnin’?

JUNE beings to pour water from the kettle into her mug.

JUNE : We’ll haveta see. My appointments are on Monday, so by Friday I’m usually doin’ okay, but I haven’t been gettin’ anything new made during the week.

LARRY : Just sellin’ off old inventory then, I guess.

JUNE : I guess.

LARRY : You son been coming by to keep an eye on you?

JUNE sits back down, pauses for a long moment, takes a sip of tea, pauses again.

LARRY (taking a sip of water before speaking) CON’T : Sore subject?

JUNE looks at her mug again in silence for a moment, then looks up at LARRY.

JUNE : George died five years ago.

LARRY tries his best to hide his obvious surprise, then remains silent for several moments while waiting for JUNE to resume speaking.

JUNE (taking a sip of tea before speaking) CON’T : I wasn’t lying about that, actually. I told you he was a teenager. He was a freshman at UW. Car accident. Don’t feel like talking much more about it right now.

LARRY : Fair enough. (pauses ) Guess I won’t even bring up how yer payin’ for everything.

JUNE : Oh, you heard about the potter’s union’s lousy benefits, huh? (pauses) Well, why d’ya think I don’t have a car? (pauses again) I dunno how much other stuff I’ll end up havin’ ta sell off, how long I’ll be able to keep the house — anything. I guess first I’ll just try ta live through this shit, then I’ll worry about payin’ for it.

JUNE takes a sip of tea.

JUNE : So — there you go, my whole fucked-up life in a nutshell.

LARRY : I wouldn’t say fucked-up, just —

JUNE takes a sip of tea.

JUNE : Don’t patronize me. Of course it’s fucked-up. It’s just — this is the hand I gotta play, ya know?

LARRY finishes his water with a final sip and sets the glass down on the table.

LARRY : Wish I could do or say somethin’ to —

JUNE cuts him off mid-sentence.

JUNE : You can’t. But you’ve been around for a couple days, an’ I appreciate the company.

LARRY : I’ve actually — (trails off into a long pause)

JUNE : What? Spit it out.

LARRY : Well — these last couple days’ve been the best I had in a lotta years.

JUNE finishes her tea and sets the mug down, looking at the table.

JUNE (pausing for a moment before continuing) :  It’s late. You’ve got , what? Maybe a two hour drive?

LARRY: Somethin’ like that.

JUNE : You can do it now, or in the morning. Your choice. (pausing for a moment to look LARRY) If you stay here, you don’t have to sleep on the couch. (pauses very briefly and smiles slightly). It’s not like you’re gonna catch cancer or nothin’.

JUNE gets up from her chair, LARRY does the same a half instant later. JUNE walks out of the kitchen, flipping off the light switch as she goes, with LARRY following a step behind her.


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