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My latest piece for Through The Shattered Lens website , looking back at Roger Corman’s “Slumber Party Massacre.”

Through the Shattered Lens

the film poster only features one actress actually in the film (Andre Honore)

Ah, the folly of youth. When we’re young, we’re so determined to prove we can “make it on our own” that we’ll turn our backs on opportunities that might serve us better in the long run just because they would mean answering to “The Man” in the short term. A hot-shot young chef (a nauseating demographic which our nation is currently, and quite literally, under absolute fucking assault from) will bypass the chance to apprentice under a master of his craft in a popular and established kitchen in order to go start up his own restaurant that will be lucky to last out the year. A promising young journalist will eschew the opportunity to work as a “beat” reporter on a local paper in order to start up a “cutting edge” news website with “attitude” that folds when they can’t get any advertisers. A way-too-full-of-himself young lawyer will say “no…

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  1. Great review. I love this one. Such fun. You mention a blu-ray and DVD. I’m only aware of the DVD

    • trashfilmguru says:

      It’s out on Blu as well, but it could very well be a b*****eg for all I know so it might have been better for me to shut up about it altogether. Whoops.

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