Everyone Else Is Talking About The “Evil Dead” Remake, So I Guess I Will, Too

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

My thoughts on the new “Evil Dead” remake, courtesy of Through The Shattered Lens website.

Through the Shattered Lens


Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat — first-time director Fede Alvarez’s new remake/”reimagining” of Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic The Evil Dead (this time going out minus the article at the beginning of the title, so it’s just Evil Dead, thank you very much) is not, as its ad poster claims, “the most terrifying film you will ever experience.” That’s actually a gutsier tag line than it sounds on first reading, since it’s essentially promising that not only is this flick scarier than anything you’ve already seen, it’s scarier than anything else you’re ever going to see for the rest of your life. It can’t live up to that, period — and truth be told, it’s not even very scary at all.

Which isn’t to say that it’s bad or anything. In many key respects — eschewing CGI for “real” special effects, not even trying to…

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  1. Judith Johnson says:

    Ryan,   Honest to God! What a writer you are. I kid you not. You are so talented, it’s unbelievable.   Tell me, how’s it going?   When I send an email to you like this, can other readers read what I write?   Judy johnson


    • trashfilmguru (Ryan C.) says:

      Hi Judy, yeah, everyone can read your comments on here, it’s a public forum, but as usual, I appreciate the compliments regardless of how many folks might be reading them! Deinell and I are doing fine, hope the same is true for you and the family! We all ought to get together again sometime soon.

  2. Fran says:

    I agree this film will not be talked about much in years to come. Maybe mentioned when the original classic is again discussed somewhere. Sadly I have yet to see this film and some reviews out there made me not want to see it altogether. Your review revived my need to see it and to take the good and the bad for what it is – an decent film but nothing to write home to Mom about. Kind of like my dating history 😛

    Well done, my friend.

    • trashfilmguru (Ryan C.) says:

      I tend not to write home to mom about either horror flicks or my dating history — that way she can retain at least some small smidgen of respect for me. Thank you for the kind words, I hope you’ll check back in and let us know what you thought after you’ve seen it!

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