“Empire Of The Dead” #3 Shambles Back In The Right Direction

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

I take a look at issue three of George Romero’s “Empire Of The Dead” for Through The Shattered Lens website.

Through the Shattered Lens


If you’ll recall — and, hell, it remains true even if you don’t — the second issue of Marvel’s “event” mini-series Empire Of The Dead left me feeling decidedly unenthusiastic about this book”s future, given that all it really managed to do was tread water for 20 pages and then stop. But hey — maybe I’ve been a little too quick to judge. It’s been known to happen before.

I’m not here to tell you that Empire Of The Dead #3 (or, to be true to the copyright indicia, George A. Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Act One, #3) regains all the momentum we lost after a really solid first issue, but it does go some way toward explaining a few head-scratching things left over from last time around, like what all those rat slaughterhouses all over town are about (rat blood is provided as nourishment for the vampires…

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  1. I passed up on tons at least for now. At 3.99 it hasn’t been worth it, perhaps after Walking Dead goes back to 1 a month starting in May I’ll get back to Empire.

    • trashfilmguru (Ryan C.) says:

      High cover prices are killing comics, not sure how Marvel can justify charging $3.99 for their cheaply-produced books (they don’t even have a glossy cover anymore) while Image, which has a small fraction of Marvel’s market share, only charges $2.99 for most of their titles.

  2. Victor De Leon says:

    I’ve only read he first issue. I kinda liked what I read. Need to catch up.

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