George Romero Finally Picks Out His Hero In “Empire Of The Dead : Act Two” #4

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

I take a look at issue number four of George Romero’s “Empire Of The Dead : Act Two” for Through The Shattered Lens website.

Through the Shattered Lens


Is it just me, or has the second act of George Romero’s Empire Of The Dead positively flown right by? I mean, here we are with only one issue left to go, and it feels like it was just the other day that the series started up again after the conclusion of the hiatus that followed its first arc. I have no doubt the book lost a fair amount of readers during the break — in fact, like most comics it probably lost a good half of its initial readership right after the first issue — but for those of us who’ve stuck with this thing, the payoff in the form of a big “fireworks” finale does seem to be approaching, albeit slowly. Remember, if all goes according to plan we’ve still got two more five-part acts to go following next month’s wrap-up of the current one, but there seems…

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  1. Victor De Leon says:

    I am so digging this series. Started re-reading a few weeks back and I am almost caught up! Thanks (And that cover rules)!

    • trashfilmguru (Ryan C.) says:

      This cover has been kind of hit-or-miss among the few people I’ve seen still talking about this series. I think it’s down to the more abstract style, Lozano’s previous covers were all more realistic in terms of their execution.

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