Review : “Through The Habitrails” By Jeff Nicholson

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

My first post for Graphic Policy website takes a look at Jeff Nicholson’s “Through The Habitrails” — this is a great comics site that I’m pleased to be contributing to. Note that the —errrmmm — policy of Graphic Policy is to give each book a 1-to-10 score for both story and art, and to give books a “pass,” “borrow,” or “buy” recommendation, as well as to title all reviews, dully, “Review : Name Of Book Here.” Normally I’d prefer to come up with my own “headline,” but what the hell, this saves time and thought.

Graphic Policy


Let’s face it : work sucks. In my experience, while not quite everyone hates their job per se (and about 99% of those who claim they don’t are actually lying), everyone certainly hates getting up in the morning and going to it, and why shouldn’t they? Every single worker on the planet is being played for a sucker, and on some deep, intrinsic level we all know it — after all, we’re trading away the time of our lives (and chances are we’re only going to get one of those) in exchange for little green pieces of paper that we’ll use, by and large, to keep on surviving so that we can keep on showing up for work. A rawer deal than this is, frankly, impossible to conceive of : work doesn’t ensure that we’ll ever “get ahead,” only that we’ll have to keep on working, and the…

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