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Another new review for Graphic Policy website.

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The name Neal Adams is still a legendary one in comic book circles, and I suppose it always will be, but who are we kidding? In recent years — check that, recent decades — it’s become synonymous with “batshit crazy” every bit as much as it has with, say, “revolutionary illustrator.” Neal’s been milking the fame he justly earned for his late-’60s/early-’70s work on titles such as BatmanGreen Lantern/Green ArrowDeadmanandThe Uncanny X-Men for all it’s worth, and if I were in his shoes I’d probably do the exact same thing, but it took the release of his Batman : Odyssey series a few years back to remind folks that this is the guy who gave us SkatemanMs. Mystic, and Armor, as well. Truth be told, comics fans are such a forgiving bunch (at least toward some creators) that those 1980s…

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