A Tribute To Our Little Trixie

Posted: September 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

That’s Trixie. We never really knew how old she was, or what kind of life she had before we picked her out at the pound, but we knew we loved her from the minute we got her — just a little over three years ago.

She was a pudgy little thing, and lazier than hell even by domesticated cat standards, but she could show a surprising amount of energy at the drop of a hat — when we first got her, for instance, she’d race to the kitchen and guard her food the minute you headed in that direction.  And she had a little bit of a pissy attitude, too — she hated being picked up, she’d snarl at you just for the hell of it sometimes, she’d go from purring away to biting at your fingers the instant you started rubbing her the wrong way, and she went through a couple of phases where I swear to God she made a game out of trying to trip you whenever she could. But she definitely mellowed over time, and as she eased into what we guessed to be her old age, she got a lot more picky about what she’d eat, when she’d come greet you at the door, or how often she’d even open her eyes sometimes.

About a month ago she wouldn’t come out from underneath our kitchen table for a couple of days, so we took her to the vet and they tested her blood, gave her a fluid injection, and put her on a steroid to get her strength back up. While we waited on pins and needles for her test results, she tore around the house like a cat reborn — at least for a couple of days. Her bloodwork came back looking good, no problems as far as her liver or stomach were concerned were evident, but her energy level went back down in fairly short order. Then it bottomed out altogether. Last Sunday morning, I found her sprawled out beneath an old chair that she’d never sat under before, unable to walk, stand, or even lift her head. Her skin had turned a dullish yellow color overnight and her eyes were completely glazed over, yet open wide. Back to the vet.

Aaaaand you don’t need me to tell you that she never came back home. Our little troublemaker’s kidneys had failed on her and we had to put her to sleep. We got to hold her as she peacefully shuffled off her mortal coil, which was bittersweet in the extreme, and of course we’ve been missing her ever since. Deinell and I haven’t been without a cat in over ten years, and I don’t imagine we will be for long, but we won’t find another like Trixie, that’s for sure. We still instinctively check for her the minute we get home, see her moving out of the corner of our eyes, hear her claws clicking and clacking on the floor. When I’m sitting at my laptop writing, I still look over and expect to see her sitting on her favorite blanket, watching me. We loved her, she’s gone, and I won’t kid you, it sucks. I hope we made the last few years of her life her best ones, but five or ten more sure would have been nice. Oh, and I suppose we don’t need to save out empty Amazon boxes anymore :

So, if you’re wondering why things have been a little quiet at trashfilmguru recently, that’s one big old heartbreaking reason. But there’s another, as well : I’ve decided to “split off” my comics criticism into its own site (a move long overdue), and so I’ve been plugging away trying to get some content slapped up over at https://fourcolorapocalypse.wordpress.com/. It’s sort of fun starting a new blogging venture up from scratch, and downgrading my expectations accordingly (50 views a day is “good” for me over there, while 500-6oo is the norm at TFG) is good for my ego, but it is going to take some time to really build up anything like a steady readership over there, and that means fewer film reviews for a few months or so while I try to get things established at FCA.

October, however, will be an exception to that not-exactly-a-rule. It’s Halloween again (well, almost), and the TFG tradition of talking all horror movies, all month long isn’t going anywhere. I’m also going to be sticking with the streaming-service-oriented theme I started a few years back with “Netflix Halloween,” but we won’t be doing “Halloween On Hulu” again this year simply because most of the horror offerings I found on that site last year were less than inspiring, to say the least. So, as you’ve probably already guessed by now, it’s going to be “Amazon Prime Halloween” this year, and I’m looking forward to opining on some of the lesser-known and certainly lesser-seen horror flicks I find on there for the next 31 days, starting — ah, what the hell, how does tomorrow sound? Okay, good — it’s a date, then.


  1. Ryan C. (trashfilmguru) says:

    Reblogged this on Through the Shattered Lens.

  2. Jill Camera says:

    RIP dear Trixie…so sorry for your loss.
    Have you ever reviewed The Night of a Thousand Cats? It’s our go-to favorite Halloween “horror” (with of course House on Haunted Hill:).

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